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    Commercial Roof Coatings in NJ

    Commercial Roof Coating Services in New Jersey

    Is the roof of your commercial building at risk for leaks and holes? Once your roof begins to show serious wear and damage, it is essential to update it to prevent expensive water damage to the building. But there’s a more affordable option than replacing the entire roof: roof coatings. A roof coating places a durable layer of rubber directly over your existing roof, creating a brand new roof system at about half the cost of a traditional roof replacement.

    Why Choose State-Wide Restorations?

    At State-Wide, roofs are our entire business. We specialize in commercial roof restoration for businesses and organizations throughout the Northeast. Unlike some roof coating contractors, we create superior quality roofs made from a silicone-based rubber, engineered to last for up to twenty years. Other roof coating options, such as elastomerics or aluminum, are susceptible to damage from pooling water or prolonged sun exposure, and some are only a temporary solution. When it comes to a major investment like your roof, you want to choose a high-quality product installed by people who know what they’re doing. Our experience and top-notch roof materials have made us a top rubber roof coating contractor in New Jersey.

    Benefits of a Rubber Roof Coating

    The biggest benefit of choosing a rubber roof coating is cost: restoring the roof typically costs just half of replacing it. The rubber roof coating can be applied directly onto most roof surfaces, including concrete, cap sheet, EPDM, metal, PVC, or an existing coated roof. Because we don’t have to remove any of the existing roofing, you save time and costs on labor and disposal. The new material self-adheres to the existing roof, creating a seamless surface with no mechanical fasteners. Because it can be applied directly to the old roof, the new roof coating can be installed quickly, with little or no disruption to your business. We offer multiple color options, including custom options if you’re looking for a particular style. Most of our customers choose white, which meets the CRRC’s reflectivity standards, creating a cool roof that will help to reduce cooling costs in the spring and summer.

    How Long Does a Rubber Roof Coating Last?

    Our silicone rubber roofs are designed to last for up to twenty years, and our products carry manufacturer warranties of 10, 15, or 20 years. If you’ve been comparing different New Jersey roof coatings, you may have noticed that ours lasts for longer than other options. Other roof coating materials, such as elastromerics and aluminized coatings, can work well on sloped roofs or roofs that need a reflective surface. But both are susceptible to damage from water and UV exposure. Our silicone material is impervious to sun and water damage. The material is flexible and strong, meaning that it is also durable against hail and other impact. Especially if you have a large flat roof, silicone rubber will be your longest-lasting option.

    Contact Us about Your NJ Roof Coating

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