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    Rubber Roof Coating FAQs

    Roof Coating FAQ

    Different coatings are designed for different purposes. No other coating stands up to UV exposure and ponding water like Silicone. Acrylic elastomerics are designed to be used only on surfaces with a slope and proper drainage – such as a metal roof. Aluminized coatings are designed to “shed” with exposure to the elements and will help create a reflective surface for the roof. Either of these types of roof coatings will fail very quickly with prolonged exposure to standing water.

    A traditional roof replacement involves stripping the old membrane and insulation – which takes a great deal of time and labor, creates a huge amount of landfill debris, and substantially increases the liability risk due to the building being exposed to “mother nature”.Our roof coating is applied over the existing roof, saving time, labor, materials, and the liability risk is virtually non-existent. Any structurally damaged or “wet” areas are first stripped and repaired prior to the new coating. The stripped areas usually account for less than 10% of the total roof area.

    Depending on the thickness applied, you can receive a 10, 15, or 20 year manufacturer warranty.

    Yes, as long as the building is structurally sound, you can extend the life of the roof indefinitely.

    The standard colors are White and Grey; other colors are available for an additional cost. We can even “customize” a color that is specific to your needs.

    No, it is only necessary to repair the damaged area and this is usually done by in-house personnel using a brush or roller applied product.

    Yes, that is the beauty of this product. It is a monolithic coating that can be applied to virtually any surface, coating pipes, vents, equipment, and even vertical walls. This creates a waterproof system free from any seams.

    We can restore 100 square feet, or 100,000 square feet – all without seams!

    Our roof coating is a silicone based rubber that will not break down from UV (sunlight) exposure and is unaffected by standing (or ponding) water. Our coating is strong, highly flexible and has excellent elongation properties – allowing it to “move” with the normal expansion and contraction of your building.